Marketing and Communication Agency for the Tourism Sector

In 2005, Roberto Maggioni founded Maggioni Tourist Marketing in Berlin as a communications and marketing agency specifically focusing on the international tourism industry. In 2021 the agency enters a new phase of its history, becoming Maggioni Gretz Tourism Communication & Marketing.
As the old company the new one strives to develop individual communication and marketing strategies in order to maximise the visibility of a particular tourist destination or to launch it as a new destination of interest, with specific focus on the German speaking markets. The agency offers a fully integrated trade representation service to clients providing a full range of travel and tourism support, its strategies are aimed both at the trade market and the general public.

European Tourism Network

Tourism is one of the largest industries of the world. Destinations worldwide develop more and more effective promotional strategies, to increase their market share.

In Europe the following trends are emerging: on one side destinations are requesting target-oriented campaigns, with a strong market specificity. On the other side there is an increasing demand for multi-country campaigns, often with all-inclusive budgets.

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feste religiose sardegna
Press release – Sardinia

May 2022
“How people in Sardinia celebrate their saints”
After two years of pandemic life, people in Sardinia can now celebrate their saints again, starting with Sant’Efisio in Cagliari, the largest and most colorful event dedicated to a saint.

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capo sant'andrea elba trekking comunicato stampa pressemitteilung press release
Press release – Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba

April 2022
“Trekking at Capo Sant’Andrea”
Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba Island, is not only a paradise for sea lovers, but also the perfect place for trekking fans, who can take part in several events in order to discover the hiking trails of the island.

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Parkanlage Giardini di Villa Taranto Lago Maggiore
Press release – Lago Maggiore

March 2022
“Gardens in bloom at Lake Maggiore”
Spring is coming at Lake Maggiore and in the beautiful parks and gardens of the region it’s time for tulips, daffodils, magnolias and camellias to bloom.

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