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Partnerships in European Tourism – Los Angeles, USA

Lago maggiore stati uniti Los Angeles

February 2019
“Maggioni Tourist Marketing selected to represent European tourism in the USA”
As one of the 150 selected European companies, Maggioni Tourism Marketing represented the Italian Tourist Destination Lake Maggiore at the Partnerships in European Tourism Event in Los Angeles (15th February 2019). The event was organized by ETOA for the European Commission within a strategy to promote European Tourism in China and in the USA.

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Sardinia in Berlin: breakfast event for German Press

Colazione stampa Sardegna a Berlino - Pressefrühstuck Sardinien Berlin

February 2019
“La Sardegna, un’isola da raggiungere al volo!”
Maggioni Tourist Marketing, on behalf of the Region Sardinia, organized a breakfast event for German journalists and tour operators at the Sarah Wiener café restaurant in Berlin to promote new flight connections between Germany and Sardinia (5th February 2019).

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