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Press Trip – Lake Garda Brescia

Salò, Lago di Garda, Brescia, Lombardia, Italia

September 2020
“Lake Garda and the ‘roman’ Brescia: a fascinating cultural landscape”
Press trip organised for German, Austrian and Swiss journalists (8th-12th September 2020).

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Press Trip – Lake Maggiore, Stones and Flowers

Viaggio Stampa Lago Maggiore e Lago di Mergozzo

July 2019
“Stones, Flowers and Lakes: quarries and stone masons between Lake Maggiore and Lake Mergozzo”
Press trip for German speaking journalists at the Italian tourist destination of Lake Maggiore (20th-24th July 2019).

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Press Trip – Sardinia

viaggio stampa sardegna, Sardinien

June 2019
“Sardinia treasures: Landscape, Culture and Handicraft”
Press trip for German-speaking journalists to discover nuraghe, iron mines and the Mediterranean shore, organized on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari (22nd-26th June 2019).

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Press Trip – Lake Maggiore

lago maggiore trekking bici lake maggiore

June 2019
“Lake Maggiore, Lake Orta, Ossola Valley and Valsesia: lake and mountains in northwest Piedmont”
Maggioni Tourist Marketing organized a press trip for German and Austrian journalists in the Italian Region of Piedmont on behalf of the local Tourist Board (15th-19th June 2019).

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