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Press Release – Sardinia

sardinien carloforte festival

June 2022
“Outdoor cinema festivals on Sardinian islands”
Along the coasts of Sardinia you can visit several small islands, which are really interesting for their nature, culture and history. On summer evenings, islands like La Maddalena become real outdoor cinemas, too.

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Press Trip – Sardinia

viaggio stampa sardegna, Sardinien

June 2019
“Sardinia treasures: Landscape, Culture and Handicraft”
Press trip for German-speaking journalists to discover nuraghe, iron mines and the Mediterranean shore, organized on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari (22nd-26th June 2019).

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Sardinia in Berlin: breakfast event for German Press

Colazione stampa Sardegna a Berlino - Pressefrühstuck Sardinien Berlin

February 2019
“La Sardegna, un’isola da raggiungere al volo!”
Maggioni Tourist Marketing, on behalf of the Region Sardinia, organized a breakfast event for German journalists and tour operators at the Sarah Wiener café restaurant in Berlin to promote new flight connections between Germany and Sardinia (5th February 2019).

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